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Together with other crises’ such as climate change, the fight to maintain our online privacy in the face of a multitude of threads is a battleground that has profound implications for the future generations.


I believe passionately that all people have a fundamental and inalienable right to privacy. When people know that everything they do online might be watched and recorded, they behave accordingly. 


As a writer who specializes in privacy and technology, I feel a moral obligation to do what I can to help my readers fight back against the existential threats that both surveillance states and large corporations pose to their privacy. 


Key tools in this battle are open source software that can be independently audited by any third party, and end-to-end encryption, where the need to trust any third party to secure your data is removed. I therefore bang the drum for both these tools throughout my work. 


I believe that personal integrity, rigorous critical thinking (I have a degree in philosophy!), and continual reference to objectively -verifiable facts is the route by which we can address the morass of disinformation, misinformation, and half-understood realities that permeate so much modern discourse.


To this end, my professional aim  (for which believe I have a talent) is to explain complex technical issues in ways that the interested layperson can not only follow, but also find engaging. 


Please see my first Blog article, Why privacy is important, for a discussion on why this subject is so important to me.

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