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I believe that my Portfolio (see also Home page) speaks for itself. On this page, however, I hope to drill down a little in order to examine my skill set in more detail.

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I am a native (British) English speaker who is equally at home writing in British and "International (US)" English. My diction, grammar, and sentence structure are excellent, and I have always been complimented on the flair of my writing style.

As a highly successful freelance writer and copywriter I received praise and flawless feedback while writing for an eclectic mix of projects, for which I employed a wide variety of writing styles. 

Writing for ProPrivacy allowed me to combine my writing talents with a deep technical understanding of computers, while also allowing me to write political analysis articles relating to the ongoing tensions between state surveillance and online privacy. 

I’ve found that I have a particular talent for explaining complex technical issues in terms that casual readers can not only follow, but also find engaging.

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As discussed in About Me, I have owned a computer since the dawn of personal computing. I have also worked as a web designer, PC tutor, and computer repair technician. All of which should not obscure the simple fact that I am a complete computer geek. 

I have a deep understanding of how all major modern operating systems (Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS) work, with Linux Kubuntu being my current daily workhorse. I am also knowledgeable about most forms of computer hardware, and (just for fun!) like to keep abreast of new developments in the computer market. 

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Working for over seven years as senior cybersecurity researcher at ProPrivacy, I know a great deal about cyber-security and online privacy. This includes in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge about cyber-security software, hardware, systems, legal frameworks around the world, and the politics that rage around online privacy.

I have performed countless detailed reviews of password managers, cloud storage platforms, ad blocker software, 2FA token hardware, routers, browsers, search engines, and more.

My thoughts on cyber-security and digital privacy issues have appeared in many national and international publications, and I have often been praised for my political articles that fiercely defending our right to online privacy.

Although not a cryptographer, I also have a strong working and conceptual understanding of cryptographic protocols - how they work, how they are used, and what their weaknesses are.

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As a matter of both strong personal and professional integrity, I will never break any confidentiality I have been made a party to in my years working in this sector. I can, however, still bring a great deal of knowledge and insight about VPN services, the VPN industry, and the VPN-comparison industry to the table.

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  • For the last nine years I have worked remotely from home. I am comfortable and highly productive in this situation.

  • I am used to collaborating with SEO experts in order to include search engine-friendly terms in copy in a naturalistic way.

  • I am used to communicating and collaborating with colleagues using platforms such as Slack and GSuite.

  • I can multitask, prioritize effectively, and am adept at delivering content to a deadline.

  • I am intimately familiar with word processing software such as Word, Google Docs, Pages, and LibreOffice Writer.

  • I am comfortable finding my way around other common office software such as Excel, Google Sheets, PowerPoint, and the like.

  • I can create and collaborate on online documents using GSuite and similar platforms. 

  • I am used to working in WordPress and other online content publication platforms (including CRM systems).

  • I can edit documents in raw HTML (code view), implement custom shortcodes, fill in properties forms, and generally do all the usual bits and bobs required for publishing articles online.

  • I can crop, resize, and annotate screenshots and other images using a variety of software packages (I can also knock up graphics from scratch when needed, but make no claims to be a graphic designer).

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