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Douglas was a writer for us for approximately 7 years, and over that time he has delivered great articles, from comparing tech products to privacy and security thought leadership. He is very meticulous and puts great pride in his work, which means he always delivers the best possible work he can. I can thoroughly recommend him.

Pete Zaborszky, Owner & Chairman of ProPrivacy.


Douglas is a highly proficient writer and his technical aptitude is second to none. He formed a core part of the ProPrivacy team and was our go-to person when it came to understanding the intricacies of the various technologies used to protect privacy online.

As well as being an experienced technologist and gifted writer, he’s also acutely aware of wider geopolitical issues and the impact that various technologies are having on society. Above all, he has a profound understanding of ethics, both academically and intuitively. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Sean McGrath, Managing Editor at ProPrivacy


These are feedback comments from when I last worked as a freelance writer on Upwork (which now a few years ago, admittedly). These testimonials have been verified and also available on my Upwork profile page. Click on the project titles for more information on each gig.

Please note that I received zero negative feedback from any clients during my time with Upwork, and that even when no written comment was made have an unbroken record of 5/5 stars feedback. 

An amazing writer with a great personality! Completed the work fast, on time, and very high quality stemming from deep insights in the subject matters written about. One of the best writers I've had the opportunity to ever work with!

Such a great contractor, I would hire him again.

Excellent work, attention to detail is superb. Will use again, thanks

Perfect job! definitely going to hire Douglas to my future projects!

We enjoyed working with Douglas!

Very talented writer, highly recommended and will hire again.

Douglas was GREAT to work with. Prompt, full of good questions, willing to implement feedback and revisions. I'd hire him for future guides ANY time.

Douglas is an excellant writer - will most definitely use him again - I highly recommend this guy, worth every penny!

Very well written copy which matched the style and tone of our website

As always, Douglas is an excellent writer. As soon as production picks up, we will extend another offer to him. Thanks!

Excellent writer, ending contract for now, will definitely hire again.

Douglas is an exceptional writer. We will definitely hire him again!

It was a pleasure working with Douglas. He was professional and his communication throughout was great.

a superb creative writer, i highly recommend hiring Douglas

very good work, well written and researched content.

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